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High-precision sensors  – High-precision and high-sensitivity sensors

High-precision sensors


  • Resolution up to 4 nm
  • Measuring ranges up to 3 mm
  • Completely integrated evaluation electronics
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Sensors immune to welding and magnetic fields  – High-sensitivity sensors  – High Sensitivity inductive sensors for measuring tiny changes in position

High-sensitivity sensors


  • Maximum signal change for even the smallest position changes
  • Deformation measurement in the micrometer range
  • 250 µm measuring range adjustable from 0 … 3 mm
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Your benefits
  • Low-cost precision measurement
    • Alternative to expensive measuring systems such as eddy current sensors or strain gages – unlike such measuring systems, they do not require an external amplifier or expensive coaxial cables
  • Easy implementation
    • Signal processing possible with all standard 8-bit PLC input modules, innovative teach options
  • Increased productivity thanks to measuring performance
    • Resolutions up to 4 nm and measuring speeds 1 m/s


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