Level detection

The CleverLevel family offers a broad variety of process connections to allow integration in several different ways: mounting into welding sleeves or into tubes to extend the length of the sensor according to the needed switch point for top mount into tanks etc. The rugged design is proven and successfully in operation globally.


Pressure control

Within 3 product families of pressure sensors, Baumer offers best matching performance-cost solutions.

High accuracy over a wide temperature range

In many cases, a temperature-stable sensor with lower initial accuracy is to be preferred to a more unstable sensor with higher initial accuracy if the operating temperature deviates from the reference temperature (e.g. 20 °C).


Temperature control and monitoring

Two families of temperature sensors specifically tested for the railway industry. Robust and compact design and high flexibility due to a wide range of configuration features.



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Our experts are always available for further information. Just send us an e-mail: railway@baumer.com

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